Monday, 15 July 2013

Flashing Underway

Now before you get the wrong idea this is not a post about nudity or the flashing of body parts.
Instead it is just another job on "The List" (see my side bar) getting under way.

We were really lucky that our friend Richard was able to help us calculate all the angles and measurements for the flashing we needed.
Then he came over to help Hubby install it.
The men hard at work.
 This is a job that should have been done when the addition was tacked on to the back of the house.  But it is just one of many jobs that that was not done and as first home buyers 4 years ago it was not something we even knew to look out for.
There have been many issues that we have discovered over the last 4 years (septic issues, plumbing, flooring, drawings on the ceiling)  and in the scheme/cost of things this is a minor one.

The left is complete just one panel to go.

It is really good to have this done and just in time as it has started raining again.   sigh.....
We still have to do the flashing over the bathroom but we will have to wait till it stops raining.

Have you ever brought a house only to find you have taken on some one else's "Handy Work or lack there of".


  1. Totally can relate to what you're saying. It is a steep learning curve alright. My hubby is a builder and he can't stand crooked doorways, or uneven floors (admittedly through blacksoil movement) but we have a nickname for those who came before us - they were "half-a*sed" builders! Anyway you've got to have a sense of humour. Enjoying your blog.

  2. It's said that I actually knew what you meant when I first read flashing! You guys are going great guns, wish we were getting as much done on the house! That rain keeps coming back doesn't it!


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