Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The List and One Job Done

Before moving to NZ we need to sell our house and to make that easier (I hope) we have a list of jobs we want to get done.
I have added "The List" to my sidebar and as it stands is:
Paint the verandah
Oil the deck
Paint the kitchen/dinning ceiling
Install flashing on the back of the house
Repair/replace 2 weather boards
Rebuild retaining wall around fire pit
Install garden edges
Plant out garden at the front of the house
Renovate the bathroom
Install new carpet in the spare room and lounge
New curtains for our bedroom
Renovate the entrance way
Replace/Repair boundary (paddock) fences

It is quite a list but we are just going to keep working through them until they are done and over the weekend we got the first one ticked off the list.
Painting the verandah.
It was in a bit of a shabby state with peeling paint and we have wanted to do it for a while but the weather has not been settled enough do do it until now.
The starting point, excuse the mess on the verandah
 Hubby got all of the sanding done while I was working in Brisbane late last week.  So when I got back home on Saturday (thinking I could have a quiet weekend) Hubby had work lined up for me.

Hubby working hard
We had fantastic weather and the days were very warm so although it was a shame to have to spend them working it was lovely to be outside enjoying the sunshine.
We got it all repainted and I am really happy that we have ticked it off the list.  Now that the painting is done we can weed and then plant out the garden along the front, and oil the decking boards.  The will get those jobs off the list too.
All painted.  Now I just have to get rid of all the weeds and feral cherry
tomatoes that are growing in the front garden.
Following on from the pantry clean out I really feel motivated to get lots done at the moment.  I know it is not spring yet but I do feel like this is a bit of a spring clean vibe I have.

Is anyone else feeling it too?


  1. I love the colour. Oh and you have a verandah. I miss them from the old farm houses i grew up in. Now i have a covered deck, not quite the same.

  2. It looks good. You won't want to move when you get through that list!

  3. It takes a lot of work to get a house ready to sell. We still have a long list we are working through on our brissie house before we either sell it or rent it out. The painting on the verandah looks great.


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