Monday, 22 July 2013

Have You Seen No Impact Man?

The other day I happened to see this documentary on ABC.  It is the personal story about 1 man, his wife and daughter and their experiment to reduce/eliminate their impact on the environment.

For one year, my wife, my 2-year-old daughter, my dog and I, while living in the middle of New York City, are attempting to live without making any net impact on the environment. In other words, no trash, no carbon emissions, no toxins in the water, no elevators, no subway, no products in packaging, no plastics, no air conditioning, no TV, no toilets…
What would it be like to try to live a no impact lifestyle? Is it possible? Could it catch on? Is living this way more fun or less fun? More satisfying or less satisfying? Harder or easier? Is it worthwhile or senseless? Are we all doomed or is there hope? These are the questions at the heart of this whole crazy-assed endeavor.
You can also check out his blog here.

I found this to be a fascinating insight into exactly what is possible even in our modern world if you just have the determination to do it.

At this stage of our life when we are looking at moving overseas and starting over we are questioning many aspects of our life and looking at what changes we want to make.  We are also starting to declutter our home and reduce the possessions we own.  I think for me this documentary just proved that it really is possible for everyone to live a less impacting life and tread a little lighter on our planet.

It also made me realise that there is a lot more we could be doing.  It's not that I am plagued with guilt over the life we lead but it has made me questions some of my beliefs and assumptions  which I think is always a good thing.

So if you didn't get to see it you can watch it on ABC iView for the next 6 days.  If you have seen it what did you think?  Could you relate to the ideas shared?

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