Monday, 19 January 2015

Palisade Fence Building

In our house I call myself the ideas lady.  This generally means I come up with schemes, plans and ideas that I want to implement, and Hubby get roped into helping me bring these ideas to fruition.

One of my recent ideas was to build a palisade fence behind the garden beside our driveway.  

Hubby was none too enthused about my idea but like a good husband he humored me for a few weeks to see if I was serious and then set about gathering the materials needed for the project.

To start with he installed some rails to support the new fence posts.

Rails up ready to go.

Then he collected gum tree branches from work (he is an arborist) and cut them all to the same length.  These were stacked next to the garage ready to be used.

The raw materials

Then it was on to the assembly with No 1 helper keeping an eye on things (and wondering why we would want to attach good sticks to the fence when we could be throwing them for her).

Checking for size

As we worked we tried to mix up the different thicknesses of the branches and each branch was wired to the top and bottom rail.
By the afternoon we had half the fence completed and I was happy with both the progress and how it was looking.  Hubby was still a bit luke warm about the whole thing, but I assured him it would look great.

Half done and inspection completed by No 1 Helper.

It was the next weekend when we finally got back to it and we worked in the light rain to get it finished which, while a little annoying, was a whole lot better than working in 40 degrees.
I am really pleased with how it turned out and a number of our neighbours have commented how good it looks.

The finished fence.

I think it gives the pond garden a nice backdrop.

The pond Garden with the finished fence.

While it's purpose is not a defensive structure it does stop the neighbours cows and horse from leaning over and eating the plants in the garden, and I think it looks great.

Are you the ideas person in your house?
What kind of projects do you come up with?


  1. I love love love it. Its beautiful. Great ideas flow from your grey matter.

    1. Thanks Lynda, sometimes they are not so great ideas but it is all about learning and trying. I figure if I can imagine it I should be able to build it.

  2. It looks great and you are lucky you have a great husband. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

    1. Yes Kathy I am lucky to have a husband who puts up with all the crazy ideas.

  3. Nice work Fee and hubby, it looks great! I am the ideas women here too, but apparently not all my ideas are good ideas....

    1. Yep that sounds about right, but I think it is still important to consider all the ideas regardless of if they sound crazy.

  4. Nice work Fee and hubby, it looks great! I am the ideas women here too, but apparently not all my ideas are good ideas....

  5. It looks great Fiona. We used some of the branches from our scrub around the chook yard. I love it! We never finished it though. The last fence is just chook wire. Your fence adds some structure to the garden bed. Well done Hubby!

  6. Your new fence looks great. Love it!

  7. It's sweet how supportive your husband is. He may not always be up for it, but at least he tries. Hahaha! Anyway, I can tell you one thing, your ideas are creative and ingenuous. After all, that palisade fence looks amazing. I'm sure the house has never been the same after installing it. Thanks for sharing that, Fiona! All the best to you and your family! :)

    Courtney Lynch @ Anthony Fieldhouse & Co


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