Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Reducing Commitments

This year we have a lot of plans and are going to be making a lot of decisions about our move to New Zealand.
We do not have a definite time frame for the move but there is still a lot going on in preparation including selling our current home, finalising plans for our New Zealand home, reducing our possessions as there are many things we cannot take, and a whole lot of other things.  We are really trying to sort things out now rather that having to do it all right before we move.

Over the last week I have sorted out all the garden pots that I have.  They have all been washed and sorted into sizes ready to go to new homes.  I have already given all of the my tube stock pots to our local Landcare group, some large pots to a friend and a few to my father in law.  But there are plenty more to give away.

Because of all the different things that are or will be going on this year I have had to make the hard decision to reduce all of the community activities that I have participated in in the past.  In short I am simplifying my life.

The biggest thing I am giving up is the Classic Car show that I have been the event director of for the past 4 years.  I will still be available to the committee for them to check in on how things are done, or processes that I followed but for the most part I will be handing the baton on and trying to let others do it their way which I know will be quite tricky.

It was really hard to decide to give these things up but in some ways it has been a bit of a relief that there are a few less thing to juggle this year which reinforces the fact that it was the right decision.

Have you decided to give any thing up this year to focus on other things?


  1. 4 years is a pretty good run at such a big community event anyway and it's a credit to you and yu should be proud of that. At least this way the show can go on without you and you can enjoy it as an attendee this year and give someone else a great opportunity. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

    1. Yes Kathy the show will go on and I believe all community groups need to have a good succession plan.

  2. You are so focussed Fiona and an inspiration! Well done on getting things prepared in readiness for your move.
    I am trying more to focus on clearing things up this year. Not so good on letting things go though.
    cheers Wendy

    1. Wendy I hate the thought that we will have just so much to do that we make poor decisions when moving. I must say the Op shop is doing very well from us.

  3. This is like to the long kiss goodbye.


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