Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Preserving Autumn Produce

While we were away over Easter we picked up a couple of boxes of apples as the area where we were staying is renowned for it's fruit growing.

We came home with 8 kg of granny smiths for cooking and preserving and 8 kg of royal gala for eating.

Hubby likes to take dried fruit for lunch a few day a week so we decided some dried apples would be nice.  We have now done a coupe of batches and are pleased with the results.  When we are doing it we set up a little production line.  I peel the apples and slice them and then hubby cores the slices and puts them in a bowl of water that has the juice of 2 lemons squeezed into it.  Once we have done enough to fill 2 trays we lay them out on the trays and repeat the process to fill the the remaining 2 trays.
Once I think they are getting close I turn the dehydrator off and let the slices cool completley.  It is then much easier to tell if they are dry enough to store.

The other thing I have been preserving are the late planted cucumbers that I have turned into lacto fermented dill pickles.
I used the method from Nourishing Traditions which is so easy and the pickles are ready to eat in just a few days.  You can also use this method for other types of veggies too and if you want to give it a go the recipe is posted here.  I was all out of whey from cheese making so for this batch I strained some yogurt and collected the whey for use.  I suspect that since yogurt bacteria ferment at a higher temperature the pickles will not be as 'fermented' as if I was using whey from cheese making which ferment at lower temperatures.  I  just use Lebanese cucumbers and pick them when they are small.  I stuff as many into jars along with layers of dill and dill seeds.  I do not even bother to chop the dill I just stuff it in there.  Once all the cucumbers are in I pour over the whey and salt water mix and put the lids on the jars.  I burp my clip top jars and just sit the lids of screw top jars on tops so that they can release any gas build up.  Hubby opened the first jar today and declared them delicious and from the bite I had I agree.

I think my cucumbers might hang on just a little longer and I might get another batch done but it will all depend on the weather.

What have you been preserving?


  1. Wow, that's a new way (for me) of preserving cucumbers. I'll have to try it next year, im all out.

  2. Lynda it is so easy and the cucumbers are sooo tasty. They are crunchy, and salty and delicious. You can use the same method for any veggie including carrots and cauliflower.


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