Thursday, 30 April 2015

Oyster Blade Steak - A Versatile Cut

As part of my series on nose to tail eating I am sharing with you some of the different cuts of meat we have from the whole cow we had butchered and ideas for using them.

Oyster Blade steak comes from the shoulder bone of the cow and has a thin line of gristle running through the middle.  It is a juicy and full of flavour cut which has a variety of uses.

It is often used as a stewing meat which allows the gristle to break down during the long slow cooking and on the other hand it works great in a stir-fry when cooked really quickly.  It also makes a very tasty steak but you need to either score the gristle to prevent it curling or trim the steak into two long strips but cutting along each side of the gristle.
The other way I have used it is to trim the gristle out of the middle and then slice it as thin as I can.  I then add it raw to a bowl of cooked rice noodles, bean sprouts and Asian herbs then top with a hot beef broth which cooks the thin slices of stakes and creates a delicious soup.

The oyster blade is a fairly cheap cut of meat that has a variety of uses and is really tasty so speak to your local butcher about getting some.


  1. I love the idea of cutting it into thin pieces and serving it raw, letting it cook on the hot broth. I’m sure it will enhance the broth’s flavor more. Anyway, I would love the check out your other posts about cooking the other parts of the cow, especially the ones that involve steaks. Thanks for sharing!

    Lawrence Neal @ Prime 13

    1. Thanks Lawrence I hope to off up lots of options for using different cuts. You get a lot of some cuts so if you have some interesting recipes up your sleeve if you do not want to eat the same old 'Tasty Mince' every time you get mince out of the freezer.


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