Monday, 27 April 2015

Weekend Celebrations And Rememberance

Over the weekend we spent the weekend in Brisbane and remembered Hubby's grandfather who served in WW1, and mine who served in WW2, spent quality time as a family and celebrated the birthday of a good friend.

Hubby, his dad and brother attended the dawn ceremony in Brisbane and later we had a BBQ lunch and toasted the diggers.  Yesterday Hubby and I had a few jobs to do in the city so we returned to the Shrine of Remembrance and it was nice to get to read some of the notes left with the wreaths.

The that night we celebrated a friends birthday and I made him a Chocolate Silk Cake which is not for the faint hearted.  It is a chocolate almond cake with a chocolate mouse filling covered in chocolate ganache.  It is the kind of cake to be enjoyed as a small slice with a good coffee.  I am from New Zealand and Hubby is from Australia and our friends girlfriend is Turkish so we really did have the full ANZAC contingent in attendance.

It was a great weekend and it was lovely to spend it with family.  We are making the most of these opportunities as we know that once we move to New Zealand we will really miss these family moments.


  1. Now THAT is the way to spend ANZAC day in Oz. Respect, Family & Friends. That was a pretty cute co-incidence that you had Turkish, Aussie and NZ.

    1. Yes I agree Lynda it was a great way to remember those who went before us.


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