Monday, 20 July 2015

The Chickens Are Back In Action

The egg production slowed right down as the daylight hours decreased and naturally so as the chickens need to moult and focus on growing new feathers in Autumn not lay eggs. But this has meant there has been no pasta in the house and hubby loves pasta.  
I do not buy pasta as a rule and generally only eat home made pasta so the lack of eggs meant they got used in other things.
But like a switch was flicked as the daylight hours have started to increase so have the eggs.  
That means it is pasta time again and over the weekend I made a batch of fettuccine,  I store it in the freezer in portions and the recipe makes 6 portions.  Next weekend I will make another batch and this time I will make some lasagna sheets, then we will be set for a while.

Now I just have to make use of a whole lot of egg whites
Any ideas?


  1. Yum. I've never tried making pasta. What about meringues with the whites?

    1. It is worth the effort and even a cheap pasta machine does the job. I often see them at op shops as I guess they get given as gifts a bit. I thought about meringues or pavlova but was hoping to avoid the sugar. As it was Jessie got some on her dinner.

  2. It's amazing you can make such yummy food from such simple ingredients...looks good.

    1. It is really easy once you have done it a few times and yes just a few ingredients make a lovely meal.


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