Thursday, 11 February 2016

Growing Basil From Cuttings

Do you grow basil from cuttings?

To be honest I never knew you could.  I picked some basil from the garden the other day and did not use it all so it sat on the bench in a glass of water for a few days waiting for another dish that needed it.  
But then it got forgotten and next thing you know it is sending out roots.  Well I'll be...

Why I have been growing it from seed and waiting so long for it to grow I don't know.  Now that I know this work I will be getting some other cuttings going as well so that I have a constant supply of basil without it going to flower.


  1. So good to have them coming along all the time. My favourite is basil pesto stirred through pasta....yuuuum wouldn't it be great if we could keep Coriander coming this way, it always bolts to seed.

    1. Margaret you are so right if you want to make pesto you need a constant supply.


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