Monday, 7 March 2016

Family History Revamped

Over the weekend Hubby has been doing some restoration work on a 123 year old door knocker and door knob that once graced the door of his grandmothers house.
They were made in England by A Kenrick and Sons, and according to a local restoration company, A Kenrick and Sons had the contract to supply all window and door hardware for the colony (Australia).  Can you imagine?  One company supplying all the door knobs, hinges, window latches and locks for all of Australia.
Sadly that house burnt down in 1994 but Hubby's dad rescued the door knob and knocker and has had them stored away since then.
With our planned move to NZ and our plans to build a new house we have been gifted the door knob and knocker to take with us.

It was in it's raw metal state and thankfully was in amazing condition considering it had been through a house fire and with all the paint burnt off and no rust other than a few little surface spots Hubby had a great place to start his restoration.

The Door Knocker and all its parts - In it's raw metal state

The Door Knob - In it's raw metal state
Each of the parts was given a clean with a wire brush to remove an loose dirt and rust.  The parts were then given a coat of rust converter/primer just to ensure the items were preserved.

The final  coat is a black satin enamel and I think it looks amazing.

Hubby had to be careful not to apply too much paint so as not to loose all the amazing details.

Now we just have to wait for a door to put it on (which hubby is also going to make one we get to NZ) and a house for the door to go in.

Have you restored anything recently?


  1. Hi Fiona, what is the timeframe for your move again?

    1. Hi Barb We are aiming for the next 12 months but I should have a firm date in the next month. We have lots going on so stay tuned.

  2. What a wonderful restoration and family story...the end result looks amazing and so could have easily been disgarded in the fire...very special family heirloom. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

    1. Thanks Kathy yes it could have been lost to demolition so we are glad it was saved.

  3. Hi Fiona, I love the door knocker and's got a fabulous history and has come up so well.. Will look great when you get your new home.


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