Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Is Summer Over Yet?

Is it just me or are you a bit over summer too?

This summer just seems to go on and on here in Queensland and quite frankly it is holding up my favourite season Autumn.

I love the warm but not hot days and cool nights that we get here in Queensland in Autumn and I am hoping that April will bring just that as so far March has failed to deliver.

Sadly the future is looking a little bleak in regards to cooler weather.

How is the weather at your place?

What are you looking forward to in the coming seasons?


  1. I am the most heat seeking, warmth loving person I know.
    I never seem to be able to soak enough warmth into my bones.
    But this Summer!
    Ugh, I've not liked it one little bit, I think it's been the high humidity here in Northern NSW, sure it is a humid place, and I'm very acclimatised to that, but there has been something very different about it this year.
    Coincidently last night I felt cold in bed, so I think we are seeing Autumn at last!
    Hopefully it is making it's way up to your place.
    But I wholeheartedly agree, cool weather can't come quick enough!

  2. This has been a very long summer, the last two weeks have been especially awful with high humidity which we are not used to here in South Australia. We are finally starting to see some cooler temps here now, it's getting very cool overnight.

  3. I'm so over the heat of summer...I have the fan going every night...it's driving me crazy being sweaty all day.

  4. I'm always over summer as soon as it begins - I absolutely loathe
    the heat - and I'm with Jan regarding the weird humidity we've has
    in SA this year. Bring on winter!

  5. Up here in the tropics we expect the heat and humidity in the summer, but our lovely dry/winter seaosn makes it all worthwhile. This year we havent had our regular rainfalls and it has seemed hotter and more humid than ever. I for one am ready for a change!

  6. We have had a few lovely autumn days here lately. Lovely and cool with bright blue skies. My favorite season.


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