Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The End Is In Sight - The Timeline For The Next 12 Months

The end is in sight for some many things we have been working towards for the last few years and there are some big changes on the horizon for us over the next 12 months.  Lots of our plans are coming to fruition and are no longer just things that we talk about doing in the future.  In so many ways I am an over achiever and I normally have a lot of stuff going on at one time.  I often have people make comments about all the things I take on and wonder how I manage to get  it all done. The short answer is organisation, forward planning and good time management.  There are times when it all gets to much but I am not that good at admitting it but thankfully I have a wonderful Hubby who can read me and knows when this is happening.  He is always there to remind me of what I can leave till later and to help out where he can to take the pressure off me.

So far this year we have been through our second round of IVF which was successful and I am now 23 weeks pregnant with a baby boy who we are referring to as Peanut (putting off thinking of names for as long as possible). After 6 years of trying this is something we had almost given up on.
I have been studying at university for the last 12 months and semester 1 (the first half of this year) I took on 3 subjects (4 is a full time student) on top of working 30 hours a week and being pregnant.  In hindsight 2 might have been better but here we are and I managed.  We have also been planning our move to NZ, finalising plans for our house in NZ and starting a bit of baby preparation.  
To give you an idea of where we are going and what we hope to achieve over the next 12 months I have put together a bit of a timeline.

A photo pf Jessie just because.

June - It is time for the final countdown for my university semester.  I have completed 2 of my 3 subjects and just have one exam to go Thursday next week.  This is also my last full month at work and every weekend except this one coming which I have set aside for study, we have events planned with family and friends.
July - Both Hubby and I have birthdays this month so we will be celebrating with family and friends. I will be finishing up at work as I am taking some much needed long service leave up until when my maternity leave starts in October.  We will be heading off on a 4 week road trip camping (yes in winter) but more about that in another post.
August - We will be heading home on our road trip and Hubby will be heading back to work.  I will be working with our builders and planning for our new house.  There will be a few Peanut related related baby appointments to catch up on and I have plans to do a further cull of excess belongings that will not go to NZ with us.  I also plan to do some craft, catch up with friends we don't see very often and have a rest before the Peanut arrives.
September - Much like last month but I am guessing I will be slowing down a bit more and finalising baby prep.  We will also have a baby shower of sorts that will include all friends and family both male and female.  And of course there is a chance the little guy could turn up early.
October - Peanut is due on the 5th so nothing big planned this month.  Mum is coming over from NZ for a week from the 9th for a week and it will be great to have her here in the early days (or for the birth if he is late).
November - Will be the beginning of the end as we introduce Peanut to friends and family here in Australia and start to say our goodbyes.  It will take time to make sure we see everyone and we will try and have a farewell party at some stage during the month.  At the end of the month the international removalists will come and pack all our stuff and store it for a few weeks before it gets shipped to NZ.  We will move out of our rental and stay with family over the Christmas period.
December - We will hand over our 4wd to the removalists and sell my car.  More of the same from November but we will be living out of suitcases and making the most of time with family.
January - Jessie will be having all of her final vet visits before the move and will be dropped off with the pet movers the day before we fly.  Jan 12 is Moving Day.  We will say good buy to Australia and set off to start a new life in NZ.  I am sure this will be a busy month as we start off staying with my parents, find a house to rent, get building underway on our new house and show off Peanut to our NZ friends and family.
February - Sees my youngest brother get married and our furniture and car from Australia should have arrived.  Hubby will be starting a new job (not sure what yet). Building should be underway and I will be looking at going back to university all going well.
March - June - Hopefully I will be studying and the house will be finished before winter arrives. More than that we can't really say at this stage.

NZ here we come

Sorry for the long wordy post.  I am sure this will all shift and change a bit over time but this is the big picture plan.


  1. Oh wow you are going to be busy! I love your month by month plan. I get a lot more organised when I'm busy although too busy can see me fall in a heap. Reading this post has made me think I need to plan to get a bit more done and a monthly plan seems a good way to start. Has NZ had warmer weather like we have in SE Qld?

  2. Lots to do. Do you think you will continue blogging in NZ Fiona?

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  4. I like the way you organise! Month by month is a great way of breaking down the big events you're planning for. I have a diary that I write all appointments, school things, holidays in etc. but I find that what works well on a daily basis is the little old notebook I keep on kitchen bench where I write daily what I want to get done. That keeps me on track!

  5. Sounds like it's a great plan and carefully thought out...I'm SO THRILLED about your baby because I know when you want to become a parent that's all you can think pleased you have been blessed with your little boy.....can't wait to see all the progress next year on your NZ house and setting up on your land.....Kathy

  6. Wow Fiona that's quite a much to do, you'll be very busy. Fantastic that you can take a few months off to prepare for "Peanuts" arrival... So exciting for you to be heading off to NZ. Do take the time to look after yourself. Sounds like a truly life changing journey xx


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