Sunday, 10 July 2016

New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia Here We Come

Hubby and I are about to head off on a month long road trip to South Australia and back... camping... in winter.  Yes we are a little crazy.

The two of us and our dog Jessie will be travelling around staying a few days in each spot before moving on.  For us this is a chance to say good bye to some relatives who we are unlikely to see again before we move to New Zealand and to have a bit of a break before the baby arrives.  I am hoping to post during our travels and that we do not end up camping in the snow as it will make those midnight bathroom breaks a lot less fun.

Anyway I will keep you posted.


  1. Goodness, id better keep a closer eye on posts since you are heading down this way. Year End has kept this number cruncher very busy lately but im all caught up on your adventures and plans. Very Exciting!

  2. Enjoy your trip, stay safe and bring plenty of jumpers and wet weather gear, it's cold and rainy here at present.

  3. Have a great time, Fiona and Hubby and Peanut!


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