Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Easter Holidays

Holidays are something that I really cherish, they give Hubby and I a real chance to have some quality time.
We both work full time and Hubby can work anywhere up to between 60 & 70 hours a week (far to much in my opinion)
So for us holidays mean time out for just us and involve a trip once a year to see my parents in NZ and the rest are generally camping holidays over long weekends during the year.
This Easter Hubby and I are off to the Bunya Mountains for a break, some bush walking and some board games.  Possibly topped of with some wine and long afternoon siestas.
Most of our camping is done in National Parks and this makes having a few long weekends away during the year affordable as National Park Camping here in Queensland costs $5.15 per adult per night.

What do you do for a cheap holiday or affordable holiday fun?


  1. HH and I used to go away camping lot for our holidays. In those days we had three boxer dogs and the five of us would think nothing of loading up the 4WD and getting away from it all.

    Our next holiday is off to Bali on frequent flyer points (but still paying lots of associated fees and taxes, GRRR!) and meeting up with HH´s brother, SIL and their two gorgeous little girls for a mini family get-together.

    We won´t be living the high life while away, but we are way past hunkering down in backpacker joints.

  2. put the tent up in the back yard and sleep out there with the children ..we light a fire and cook on it toast marshmellows,giggle and talk all night long

  3. We used to go camping but now the kids have grown up we bought a pop top camper and have been using that. The Bunya Mountains are great and I haven't been there now for about 20yrs, we used to go all the time when we lived near Kingaroy.

  4. Ah yes, I grew up somewhere around those Bunya Mountains, we used to go there for a picnic and bush walk every Good Friday. Very pretty Place. I hope you enjoyed your break! This easter we had a home holiday....lots of home cooking, outdoor play and garden clean up! Very affordable! :)


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