Thursday, 14 April 2011

Off to the Show

This weekend is the annual country show for the town near where I live.
It is not a big show but if last year (the first year I attended as a spectator) was anything to go by, there are some keen gardeners and cooks in the area.
Last year I went only as a spectator but this year I am going to enter a couple of categories, Eggs and Rosella's since they are what I have.
This year I got hold of a show schedule for the pavilion section but not until it was way too late to think about entering most if not all of the categories. 
But it does give me a heads up for next year and allow me to plan my baking, preserving, planting and craft in time for next years show. 
If I plan things correctly and the weather favours me in the garden I will know as "Queen of the Show Pavilion" with my multiple and wonderful entries.
Am I taking this too seriously? (Keeping in mind that entry to each class is $1.00 and first prize is $4.00)
Well for now it is off to the show to drop in my entries for this year.  I will be going back on the weekend to check out the competition and to no doubt collect my winnings.  Over-confident?  Never.

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  1. O.K. we are talking cattle stations here. This is serious business. Find out about the competition, study them, learn their weaknesses, take no prisoners and be gracious in victory.

    So after next years imminent successes will we have to call you ¨Show Pavilion Queen¨?. Will you still post among us and leave pithy comments on our blogs?

    I have a killer chocolate cake recipe from my HH´s grandmother that will clog your arteries yet with a deft hand is still as light as a feather. Do they have a category for that? Can I be a judge? I love baked goods!!!

    Good Luck Show Pavilion Queen In Waiting!!!!


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