Monday, 11 April 2011

Madening Mint

Mint. One of the easiest things to grow.  Grows like a weed for most people taking over and growing prolifically.
Not for me.  I have my mint growing in a couple of containers and it is currently re-shooting after being mowed off by a swarm of hungry grass hoppers.
It is growing in a shady spot and gets plenty of water and worm tea.  Most mint I see growing in gardens seems to thrive on neglect, maybe mine is getting to much love.

I love mint and use it in lots of cooking.  It really gives the humble salad a lift and it turns the most average drink into something a little bit special, and is like a breath of fresh air to so many other foods.
It is something I really resent buying when it should be oh so easy to grow.

I think I am going to find it a new home, probably in a bigger pot, maybe in the ground if I can find a spot it won't matter if it takes over.
I want an entire bed of mint, a carpet in fact.  I want to be able to harvest it by the handful and never run out.
Perhaps I could use that little garden bed that Jessie helped me prepare that I was going to use for my snow peas?
No I think that is overkill, so I'll just have to get my thinking cap on for just the right place.

My sad little Mint Pots

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  1. Hi Fiona! Mint likes water and alot of it. Pots dry out to quickly so the growth is stunted and they can die off quickly. It does have a tendency to grow like a weed, so as long as your garden bed is contained, it should grow like wildfire. Mulch heavily, water often for prolific growth, or less to reduce its spread.


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