Monday, 18 April 2011

Just call me Queen of the Show Pavilion

Well I really was being quite cheeky when I suggested that I might win for my egg and Rosella entries at the local show.
But apparently my entries were worthy of a 1st and 2nd for Rosella's (yes you can enter as many times as you like) and a 1st for eggs.
I don't really think I should get all the credit though, if any. 
I sure didn't lay the eggs but I did pick the best ones and pack them in a carton, and as for the Rosella's, well they were the result of 5 seed in the ground, 4 that grew into bushes and produced fruit which I deftly picked weighed and packed for my 2 x 500 gm entries.

So what about my winnings?  $10 in total as well as little certificates that I can stick to the wall in the garden shed.  Not bad for my $3 entry fees.
I am planning more entries for next year so look out all you Gardner's in the district, I might have found my calling.


  1. Congratulations Show Queen of the Pavilion Section!!!

    Cripes, that is a mouthful. Are you planning on changing your name by deed poll? Is there a crown that goes with the title? Can the blogging public just call you ¨Show Queen¨

    Are you going to turn into an Agricultural Show Queen junkie?

    Seriously, congratulations on your winnings!

  2. Wow Show Queen that's great news. How exciting! They had better look out next year, I'm sure you will be entering heaps of stuff then!
    Well done.

  3. That's awesome Fee!! Maybe Big Red next year for best rooster??...


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