Tuesday, 27 September 2011

An A - Z of Me

Linking up with Sue at Living the good Life

A= Age, 33
B= Bed Size ,Queen, enough room for Hubby, the cat and me.
C= Chore you hate doing, washing dishes.  Probably because our gas hot water unit is old and you have to keep boiling the jug to get the water hot enough, other wise things have to be washed a 2nd or third time, hence why Dishes is the item at the top of the list.
D = Dog, Jessie is a female kelpie who features in a number of posts like here and here.
E = Essential start to the day, Tea, Pee, Feed chickens, release the hound.  The order varies.
F = Favourite colour, Teal
G = Gold or Sliver, White gold and silver
H = Height 168cm
I = Instruments you play, I learnt the piano when I was younger and could probably manage a tune still.
J = Job Title, Customer Service Specialist
K = Kids, none.... yet.
L = Live, Kilcoy QLD Australia, born in New Plymouth NZ and have also lived in Chile.
M = Mothers name, Lynda
N = Nickname, Fi Fi, Fee, Feebe, Ona (by my Nan), Chicken (by my Dad), Honey (by Hubby)
O = Overnight hospital stays, at 12 to have my Tonsils out and a few years ago via emergency to have my Gall Bladder out.
P = Pet Peeves, Late people and unnecessary swearing (which is pretty much all of it unless perhaps you just hit your thumb with a hammer)
Q = Quotes from a film, The Lord of the Rings, Gandalf: "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us"
R = Right or left handed, Right
S = Siblings, 2 younger brothers 31 and 26
T = Time you wake up, with the Sun, early in Summer (4 - 6am) later in winter (6 - 7am)
U = Underwear, gee that's a bit personal but cotton if you must know.
V = Vegetable you hate, Brussel Sprouts ewwwww.
W = What makes you run late, not much I am not a fan of people being late without a decent excuse (up to 15 mins is acceptable), however living 100km from the family sometimes adds a few minutes to our expected arrival times ( is that a double standard???)
X = X-Rays you have had, Neck, Kidney function (with injected dye), back, foot, head... probably more but can't remember.
Y = Yummy food that you make, most things.  I like to think I am a pretty good cook, I make great Indian and Thai and get compliments on a lot of things I make.
Z = Zoo Animals, Otters they always put on a great show.


  1. Hi Fiona, good fun this sharing malarkey eh! :D Do you glow in the dark after all those xrays? lol

  2. Hi Fiona - nice to meet you lol! Can I just say, give brussell sprouts a chance. Pick them big and steam them lightly.


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