Friday, 2 September 2011

On My Mind is getting better

I have been a bit absent this week due to cold that has knocked the wind out of my sails.
After 4 days of sneezing and coughing I am well and truly ready to shake it off and get back to it all, there is spring planting to be done for heavens sake!

So on my mind is getting better in time for the weekend so I can get out in the garden.


  1. Hi Fiona, just popped over from D2E, I feel ya and sending you get well vibes, I to have been laid up for this past week with a cold and have now gotten a sinus infection. It's frustrating when there is lots to be done, especially with spring arriving, but you just can't physically do it. Take care and get better soon! Regards, Ruth @

  2. Sending well wishes from New Mexico USA.

    Came over from D2E

  3. Thankyou ladies for you kind words. And yes Ruth you are right physically everything just becomes a chore.

  4. Fiona, thinking well thoughts for you.
    I am no doctor, but It sounds like lots of reading and hot lemon drinks could be needed.
    I always feel that getting sick is such a waste of time. There are so many fabulous things to be done but you have no energy to do them.
    Hoping you are feeling better by the weekend.
    : )

  5. Get better soon Fiona. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Love reading yours too and will follow now. I liked you Liebster blog choices - I reckon most are on my favorites list too!
    Sending health hugs
    Greenie x


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