Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Clunk, Choke, Splutter, Sigh.......

Clunk, Choke, Splutter, Sigh.......



The pump on our bore has pumped it's last drop and we are now up for the expensive task of replacing it.
It is an old pump and has been fixed in the past so we though it could be fixed again but sadly no, a new one is needed. 
Worse still the call out fee just to have the bore cleaned out and the pump looked at just to determine if it could be fixed was over $600, eeekk!
Thankfully this does not leave us completely without water.  We have 2 x 25,000lt rain water tanks that we use for all of the drinking water in the house and watering the vegetable garden, and we have a third tank that is filled with bore water which goes to the washing machine, toilet and some of the out door taps.

So for the last week we have been careful with the use of the bore water and limited the washing to the bare minimum.  We have also ordered a tanker of water to top the tank up and to buy us some time to come up with the extra money needed to replace the pump (approx $2000), double eeekk!
In reality we could fill up the tank with rainwater from one of the others but since we live in the country we need to make sure we have plenty of water on hand in case of grass fires and who really knows how much rain we will get in the future.  Plus I don't want to see my veggies wilt in the sun after all my hard work.

Anyway with money in mind I must get to work so I can pay for the new bore pump.


  1. Oh nooooooo! Sounds like a very expensive thing to break down. Poor you.

  2. Even living out in the country comes with complications, but it sounds as though you have some good plans. Hope you have that new bore pump sorted out soon.

  3. What a shame Fiona. There's always something needed isn't there. Sounds like this is a definite though.... fires and veggies are important!

  4. good luck with the new getting the new pump soon & fingers crossed no fires this summer.

  5. Ouch! hopefully it rains soon, but with all the burning off around here at the moment I can understand the need to keep the water in the tanks.
    Ally (just down the road)


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