Friday, 21 October 2011

On My Mind is the Wind in my Hair...

As summer approaches there is nothing like a cooling breeze on a hot afternoon in the garden.

Introducing this Summers must have item.

But Wait!!!!

Don't pay too much!!
You too can have one too at next to no cost.


Wait for a warm and windy day.
Garden to your hearts content with playful puppy by your side.
Remove you hat and head inside for a cool drink.
Take about a 10 minute break.
Head back outside to finish gardening and Voila.
Ventilated hat with elastic forehead band removed.
A newly installed ventilation system for you hat.

Unfortunately the installer of this ventilation system was reluctant to return my hat until she could be distracted with another "project"

And after such a busy day on the job it's time to sit back and put your feet up.


  1. WHOOPS! She looks like "WHAT? - you didn't want that alteration?"


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