Tuesday, 25 October 2011

UFO's - Destroying the Evidence

We know that our farm used to be part of a large dairy farm and 40 acres of it was subdivided off in 1991 to create 8 smaller lots ranging from 2 - 10 acres. 
We believe we are the 3rd owners of our block (3.5 acres) and we know that the owner before us did not use the land and just used the house as a weekender.  But the owner before that did use the land, how specifically we do not know and can only guess at based on the evidence left behind (the UFOs).

Over the weekend Hubby set about getting rid of some of the UFO's (Useless Field Objects) that are on our property.   The first one he tackled was the pile of old farming implements that were just piled in the paddock. 
There was a set of harrows a fertiliser spreader, a carry all, and a horse drawn plough.  As well as all sorts of rubbish like bits of wire, old pipes and timber. 
The harrows and fertiliser spreader were still usable and even though we have an old tractor (it came with the property) we were never likely to use them so we traded those with Hubby's boss for some timber posts.
We kept the plough to use as a garden feature and the carry all in case we need to cart stuff around.

So that just left all the rubbish and the concrete slab under the pile to get rid of.  We think there may have been a small shed used for milking or keeping pigs in but what ever it was it was long gone with only the floor remaining.  So Hubby set to work breaking up the concrete so that we can take it to the dump.

There were also 2 other small concrete slabs out in the paddock but we have no idea what the were for and they have also been removed.
Now that these have been removed the only UFO we have left is a 3 sided cattle yard with no gates (you can see it in the background of the second picture).  It is completely useless, not only because it has only 3 sides, but also because it sits on its own, in the middle of the paddock, with no fences either side to stop the animals from just walking around it instead of into it.  So we will also be getting rid of it (one day) but for now we are glad the other UFOs are gone.

Do/did you have any UFOs at your place?


  1. I kind of like that pen sitting there all alone....plant a tree next to it...

  2. I love the term UFO for all these things! We don't have any unfortunately but I am constantly digging up bricks, bottle openers, bones, roofing slate, lead flashing, paving gravel, glass, animal tags (might have been with the bones), charcoal and not to mention asbestos! It goes to show how many times our property has flooded over the years!

    And that three sided pen of yours! Maybe the previous owner took the gate? Surely it was once useful?!!!

  3. Hey I too liked the term UFO for all that stuff! I hope you get rid of the cattle yard which is also labelled as UFO!
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