Monday, 3 October 2011

Wrinkly Eggs

Something is going on with one of my chooks and the eggs that they are laying are coming out wrinkly and not always egg shaped.  The shells are still hard and the inside of the egg is normal but I am not sure if I should really worry or not.
I have seen info on the net that it could be due to stress or a vitamin deficiency and even that I should cull the bird in question (as if).

Here are some examples:

Any ideas on what I should do if anything?


  1. Its weird that its only the one hen, if they are all getting the same feed, then its unlikely to be a deficiency. I wouldn't worry about it if the eggs are still edible and the hen looks happy. We get some funny shaped ones too at times, with ridges and whorls and swirls at the top!

  2. Hazel had the same funny egg thing going on and I think it was because she was old... I cant remember, but she will know!

  3. I look at these eggs with a grimace as it looks to me like someone was having a hard time getting these out. Egg constipation! Obviously i have lots to learn about chooks.


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