Friday, 14 October 2011

Twas the night before Friday, when all through the house....

Twas the night before Friday, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, except me and (the click click of) my mouse,
Dinner was done, and the dishwasher stacked
So up went my feet, it was time to relax.
Hubby was sleeping, as was the cat
The puppy was too, outside on her mat.

But then there was barking, oh what a racket,
She wouldn't shut up, regardless of tactics.
And so I went, out into the dark
All of this time, she continued to bark.
Onto the lawn, and under the trees
Was that a noise, or the knocking of knees?

Under the hedge, there was a lump in the gloom
Ready to defend myself with a broom
Then I jumped in the air, I'm sure it wiggled
Hubby behind me, oh how he giggled
So I made him come over and investigate too
He was much braver, I'll give him his due.

With a torch in my hand, it was easier to see
My oh my, what could it be
A long neck turtle, that's what it was
She'd wandered about, and got herself lost
Stuck half through the fence, not able to move
She'd wedged herself tight, so what could she do.

We got her out from the tight squeeze
And carried her off, further under the trees
We released her out into the night
Pointing her away from the scene of her plight.
We're sure she found the way to the dam
Relieved not doubt to be out of that jam.

This would no doubt have been so much better with a photo, but at the time it wasn't what came to mind.
We think he/she was an Eastern Long neck Turtle but they are only supposed to get up to 25cm and it was about 30 - 35 cm.
Really wish I had a photo now....

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  1. wow Fiona - you're a poet don't you know it?! Great little ditty and a cute tale of your little long neck. Must be up and about after the rain. How cute, and what a pity about the photo!


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