Thursday, 3 May 2012

Apron Swap

This year one of my goals was to work on improving my sewing skills so when an apron swap was organised by Rhonda's side kick Sharon over at Down to Earth I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to have a go.
I was buddied up with the lovely and thoughtful Debbie.
So I thought I would share with you the beautiful apron that Debbie made for me and the one I made her.

Debbie made me this lovely pale blue linen apron with some vintage print fabric across the top.  It is something that I am sure will last me for a long time and I will get a lot of use from.
The apron Debbie made me
(Pinned to the mozzie net was the best way to display it)
Vintage print neckline
And this in the one that I made for Debbie.
I like to mix patterns and stripes
I love the cute little birds on the fabric.

Did you participate in the swap?


  1. they are both so pretty... makes me want to go and bake scones for tea!

  2. They are both so lovely Fiona! I wish i had gotten organised enough to take part. They do make one want to get into the kitchen!!

  3. Oh they are both so lovely, i do have a soft spot for blue though.

  4. I am waiting excitedly for my swap apron to arrive. You both did a great job, I love the fabric you chose!

  5. i love the fabric she chose too! africanaussie, I think I will just have to go and make some scones.



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