Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Huge Op Shop Haul

I have been asking around about preserving equipment at all my local op shops for a while now and had left my details with a couple of them.  The other day I got a call to say that some had come in from a deceased estate and would I still be interested as they had been in the shed gathering dust in the shed for many years.
I let them know that I was still interested and would be in the next day.

Well what a score look at what I got, a preserving unit, 2 crates of jars and accessories.

The haul
PS the kitchen Aid is mine and was not from the op shop
So here is what I got:
A small preserving unit with the front plug missing.  Well I assume that is what is missing, does anyone know?
See the little hole in the front
 There were a whole lot of rings stored in cornflour and they look to be in perfect condition.  Does anyone know why they would be stored this way?
Rubber rings stored in cornflour, well I assume that white
powder is cornflour.
If I am not back in a week you will know that it was not.
 I guess this is an indication of when they were last used.
Jars with a good layer of dust.
Sorry about the side ways picture.  But there was a stack of clips (about 30), lids (8 that were ok to keep), tongs and a thermometer.
So I did some calculations about what I got and the cost of buying new:

14 x Number 27 (800 ml) =  Not sure. I cannot find them new so perhaps this size has been deleted.
9 x Number 20 (600 ml) = $28 pack of 6
12 x Number 31 (1 litre) = $34 pack of 6

Clips = $15 pack of 12
Tongs = $16.50
Thermometer = $22
Rings = $4.50 pack of 12
Lids = $15.95 Pack of 12

Approximate cost = Over $220 new

And that is NOT including the preserving unit.

So what did I pay....

$20 for the lot!!!

I will need to pay to have the preserving unit electrically tested but there is no urgency as I have my stove top preserver which is much bigger than the op shop one.

I now have stacks of jars and just need to sort out some lids for the size 31 jars.  Then I will be preserving like a mad woman.


  1. How lucky are you Fiona, what a great score! I hadn't thought of leaving my details at the op shops for something I particularly want, I must remember to do that. Have fun preserving!

  2. Great find - I have put up a request on freecycle - don't know if that will ever come to anything. I found this website for lids that fit regular jars - it might work for you

  3. Cornflour, is just to make the rings stay moisture free and not rust. What a great haul of jars and things...for 20.00... you did really well...the jars at the last country auction I went to were the most sought after, especially the squat jam sized jars...the tall ones not so much, but the smaller jars ...the baby food jars are almost impossible to get...STILL havnt had a go with my old green vintage one...have fun with all that haul...

  4. That's great! I would recommend buying new rings rather than using those ones. They do tend to deterioate with time and better to be safe than sorry with preserving.

    I also have some little baby sized jars but I use them for storing my buttons in!!

  5. I have never heard of a preserving unit?

  6. what a fabulous score!! I've been asking around and even new they're hard to find except online :(

  7. Wow, the op-shop fairies were certainly smiling on you this week! Amazing haul..all those jars and the unit! $20 well spent, have fun!

    (PS I agree with Funkbunny, new rings are reasonably priced and better to have a good seal than an iffy one after going to the trouble of preparing delicious preserves).

  8. So great when you find just what you're after

  9. What a score!!!
    I buy new seals and lids from these people:

  10. Nice work my friend. I want to go Op shopping for kitchen stuff. We need to go sometime!! xo

  11. Great find. your mother taught you well and your grandmother would be proud of you!

  12. You are missing the tap at the front, I have the exactly same unit and I found mine at an opp shop, the tap is so you can drain out the water. You can also use jars such as old mayo jars etc, but after you perserved in them once they recommend you get new lids, so they seal properly.


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