Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A Sunday Outing

On Sunday Hubby and I took out dog Jessie to a local swimming hole.  She loves to swim and even though it was far to cold for us she was not concerned at all.
The swimming hole used to be a quarry many years ago and makes a fantastic swimming hole in summer.  Plus it is surrounded by trees and national park so is a good spot to cool down when it is hot.
There are BBQ's, picnic tables and composting toilets plus a big patch of grass perfect for a picnic or to dry off after a swim.
Posing for a photo

Here I come

Fetching sticks

Swimming even though the water was freezing

We chilled out in the sunshine

And Jessie just kept on swimming

Watching her shake always makes me laugh,
 her whole body shakes like a bowl of jelly
even her legs.


  1. cute! cheryl likes to swim too, one time she was trying to get her ball and she was pushing it ahead of her and swimming around and around in circles. I had to call her to get out of the dam because I thought she'd keep going until she sunk! Chime was never taken to the water as a puppy and is scared to get right in :) I think its good to teach them early, its a great way to wear them out :)

  2. Does look like a nice spot to chill out - or swim! cheers Wendy

  3. what a gorgeous spot!!!!!! And your Jessie is too cute! Looks like a lovely afternoon.

  4. I love how the parks are so well maintained in Australia and that looks like a perfect spot. I love the color of the water - a pale turquoise.

  5. That spot looks positively serene! Lucky you, lucky man and lucky dog!! Thanks for sharing pics. :)


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