Monday, 28 May 2012

In A Pickle

Oh dear I hope someone out there can help as I have got pickle problems.  Lime pickle to be exact.

I have made a batch of Lime pickle and I am about to bottle it but it is BITTER!!  I'm talking peel your lips back and make your eyes water bitter.

Does anyone know if it gets better with age?

I followed the recipe exactly and it smells like it should but it is so bitter that at the moment it is in-edible.

I really hope someone has some ideas.


  1. I'm no expert..... add sugar? or another sweeter fruit? Google "bitter pickle", I wonder what you will find :)

  2. I've never made lime pickle, the only thing I would suggest like Liz above is sugar?? Hope you find the solution, it would be a shame to waste it...

  3. sugar, a little at a time until the bite goes......

  4. Normally it is the pith - the white part of the skin that makes it bitter. Was that included? It might be a good idea to remove the lime pith you have in the mixture, and add in some more lime zest - just the colored part - no white.

  5. Thanks for all the suggestions ladies. I did google it and noting came up. The recipe does include whole limes so the pith could be the issue but at this stage I am going to go with more sugar.

  6. I'd be thinking pith too. Horrible stuff! I hope the sugar helps it.


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