Sunday, 22 September 2013

Chicken Tales

Lots going on here lately and plenty of it blog worthy, now if only there was a bit more time in the day to share these goings on.

A month ago we butchered 3 of our 8 roosters that we were fattening to eat, today we dispatched the other 5.  It was much better than the first lot, I must have got my mojo back.
The roosters pen now vacated had a 6 square metre patch of bare earth and I decided that I would turn it over and plant it out with clucker tucker (a mix of seeds that will provide great forage for the chickens in a few months time) and some pigeon pea.
But before planting it out I thought the chickens could do some of the hard work for me.  So after turning the soil I left the big clods to the chickens and they got to work breaking them down and picking out all the goodies they could find.

Even the bantams who have both gone clucky got in on the act so there must have been some good bugs in the soil.

Anything interesting happening in your chicken pen?

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