Monday, 23 September 2013


The work continues around the house and we have managed to get a few small jobs done that were not on "The List" but needed to be done none the less.
These are the kinds of things that could have been left but we decided to get done anyway.

First job was to paint the window trim around the kitchen window.  It was made of a dark timber which really stood out against the white window frames.  We figured the timber had been used for something else as it was full of holes and dents.  Nothing a bit of putty couldn't fix.

Then it was on with the white paint and the whole thing came up great.  A nice fresh look in the kitchen.

One of the other jobs that Hubby wanted to tackle was repainting the back door.  Last year Hubby transformed our solid timber back door into a stable door which is fantastic for letting the breeze in and keeping Jessie out.  At the time he just touched up the paintwork to cover any exposed timber and left it at that.  But he decided that it was time to strip back the many layers of paint and give the entire door a fresh coat to match the trim of the house.

There were so many layers of paint it took him more than half a day just to get the paint off and get the door re hung ready for painting.

But now that it is repainted I think it looks great, he did a great job.

This back area of the house is very bland as we have cleared out the garden on one side and the other side is kept clear as that is where the tap is.  We do plan to spruce it up a bit but that is a job for another day.  In the meantime I am propagating plants like mad to fill our gardens including this one.

Any revamping going on at your place?


  1. There sure is, feel free to have a look at our blog . It is so "happy-fying" (more than just satisfying) to make changes around the place, especially when they have been a long time coming. Things you have been 'hating' for ages suddenly look lovely again. I have to say I like your kitchen casement windows, the remind my of my childhood home. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  2. It must be so exciting to see each part completed and progress being made. I love the colour you chose for the door.


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