Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Playing Pirates Comes To An End

Back in the middle of August I blogged about us walking the plank to get around out in the back utility area of our place.  Well the concrete is all set and we now have a nice even floor to walk around on.  Who know why the previous owners never did it as it was no big deal and would have been even easier during the construction phase.

The finished floor

But the area was still ugly with one bare concrete wall and one wall badly painted with the ugly fuse box standing out like a sore thumb.

Ugly old walls

Then there was the laundry corner.  It is a small space and a bit dark and the fact that the ceiling was never painted didn't help either.

Before we started with the dark laundry area,
the uneven floor and unpainted walls.

So Hubby has been hard at work paintbrush in hand and painted the entire space.  For now we have painted both the walls and ceiling white and it has made the space so much lighter.  We may paint the walls the same colour as the bathroom when we renovate that room but for now white is good.

No more ugly grey bricks

The Laundry space looks so much cleaner and brighter.  Now we just have to fix the little gap on the end wall.
Much lighter and brighter, note the vertical gap where the light shines in.

It will never be the prettiest area but at leas now it looks clean and is much brighter.

Everything back in
Looking back to the toilet and bathroom it is a bit stark but once we get a few things in there it will tone it all down.

We will be getting some new carpet for our bedroom and lounge and the old carpet will be used out the back here which will help finish off the space.  But that may be a while off yet so for now I am looking forward to putting the chest freezers back out here and getting them out of the entrance hall.  It is not 100% finished but it is completed enough for me to tick it off the list.

And that list is getting smaller month by month.

Are your touching up or renovating anything at your place?


  1. Oh that was a big job, and it all looks lovely and fresh now.

  2. No but i need too. House is now 18 years old and the window frames all need sanding and re-painting. Always one of those jobs that gets put off but i noticed that some are getting really bad so i think the job needs to move on up our list of unfinished projects.


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