Monday, 9 September 2013

Garden Whip Around

Well I am back and I am feeling well rested and much more at ease.  Life has still been busy but we had a few days away where we just chilled out and since being home I have taken time out to just be.  To just live in the moment and forget about lists of jobs that need to be done.  I find a good way of doing this is to wander round the yard taking notice of all the little things that are happening.

The quince is flowering for the first time.

And even appears to be setting fruit.

The Mulberry is loaded with fruit.

Now I just have to beat the birds to them.

Last year I planted some yellow cosmos.  They have now self seeded everywhere creating a lovely carpet of colour.  But it is pretty clear they do not stay true to type since I now have about 5 different colours.

Most of the cosmos have turned out pink and they are popping up in both the lawn and the paddock.
We still have bananas fruiting but they got a bit knocked around by the frost and look a bit tatty.

My little lemon has fruited really well this year and is now covered in flowers.  They give off such a lovely scent.

The herbs are going great guns and my parsley continues to self seed so I am never without it.

I have heaps of corriander and I have planted carrots in the other side of the bed. I have not had much success with carrots in the past but I am giving it another go. (Sorry about the wonky photo)

The silverbeed is still being enjoyed by us and the chooks and hidden amongst those weeds chicken goodies at the front are golden beetroot.

I have curly parsley as well and the last of the fennel needs to used up this week.

The first of my summer plantings are in and the purple king beans are up.

I have some yellow drop tomatoes planted and more seeds planted out and waiting to germinate.

My jalapenos are ready to go in the ground and hubby is looking forward to them producing a big crop as we are down to the last 2 jars that I pickled last year.

Well that's what is happening here.
What's growing in your garden?


  1. Your garden is looking fantastic, thats what I do to stay grounded walk around the yard and take pictures of the small things.

  2. it all looks lovely,you will be sad to leave it all

  3. The pretty flowers popping up look lovely with the mountains in the background. I've grown carrotts a few times and never really had any luck with them myself they do not grow straight and not the right length....funny, you'd think they would be simple. Will have to give them another go myself.

  4. I just did a garden update - check it out. I love those flowers, just scattered and natural. I have tried carrots twice now and give up.

  5. Your garden is looking so productive. I'm about to pot my tomatoes up once more before planting them out. I haven't got my beans in yet but have started some capsicum, basil and zuchinni. Just making sure we won't get one last frost.

  6. I have never seen quince flowers before - what a pretty shade of pink!

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