Friday, 27 May 2011

Early Mornings are on My Mind

Today is going to be a glorious day!
This morning when I got up it was still quite dark but as the sun came up and the fog settled you could just tell it was going to be a wonderful day.
Here in Queensland where we live we are blessed with dry winters.  We live inland about 100Km form the coast so we get very cold night time temperatures (last night was only 4 degrees c and it is not even winter yet) but lovely warm (yesterday was 24 degrees c) sunny days with generally not a cloud in the sky.
Today will be one of those days and boy oh boy would I love to be out there in the garden and doing things around the house.
But alas I have to work.
We have visitors coming for dinner tonight so I had a lot to get through before work this morning.
I love mornings they are the time of day when I plan what is happening for the day and get all my house work jobs done or at least started. 
I like to take my time and ease into the day.  As well as doing my jobs I like to have a peaceful breakfast with a cup of tea and read my book for a few mins then it is back to the jobs.
First thing to be done was walking the dog for an hour to keep up my commitment in supporting Daffodil in her month of little changes
Then it is time to feed the animals (Chickens, Cat, Dog) which is when I got the lovely photos.
Then a load of washing went on, breakfast had (no bread allowed but lovely home made bircher muesli instead) then it was on to getting dinner ready and lastly doing the dishes that don't go in the dish washer.

We are having a Chinese dinner with Fluffy Rice, Braised Beef with Shitake Mushrooms and Chinese Red Dates and a Hot and Sour Cucumber Salad.  I have made this all before a number of times and it is always a winner with guests.  The big plus as the cook is that after browning the meat you just add everything else to the pot and slow cook it for a few hours, couldn't be easier.
Then all I have to do tonight after work is the rice and salad, and try and remember to take a photo to go with the recipe I will post for you all.
So dinner is pretty much done, washing is on the line and it is off to work I go.

What are your mornings like?  To you have lots to get done or are you a dash out the door kind of person?
Do you eat breakfast, if so what do you enjoy?


  1. Looks like a lovely foggy morning. Hope it was a good day and a good weekend for you.
    Morning routines here seem pretty laid back really - only one child to get out the door and he is almost self sufficient now making his own smoothie breakfast.
    DH gets his own weetbix,and lunch for work. I go for a walk, when I get back I make a big bowl of porridge. yum! dheers Wendy

  2. Nice is a lovely time of the day, we are lucky to be in Qld. I start my day with a nice hot Strong Coffee. My breakfast is at 10.30am after I have finished looking after the rest of the family and cleaning up the basics...
    More Strong Coffee and Marmalade Toast eaten whilst having a little sneaky peak on Blogger. I should take a leaf out of your book and go without coffee for a month, don't know if I could do THAT!


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