Monday, 16 May 2011

Welcome back Sunshine

Self Watering Seed Tray

It has been incredibly wet here in Queensland where I live and this year seems to have so far delivered more wet days than fine.
So I was extremely thankful that I was able to spend some time outside in the sunshine over the weekend planting out seeds.
Some were planted directly into the garden beds and some into my self watering seed tray that I purchased through the diggers club. 
I have found this incredibly useful as I am prone to forgetting to water seeds resulting in poor germination and development.

Last year I planted out 2 rows of beetroot and one of Silver beet and it kept Hubby and I (as well as some of the family) going for a number of months.  Since then I have found a large number of ways of using beetroot that I am looking forward to trying (beetroot brownies mmmmmm) so this year I plan on planting out a few more rows.
I have still stuck with just one row of silver beet, as even though it takes quite a few leaves to give each person a good serve, we had plenty last year and the space would be better used for something else.  Not sure what just yet.
I have also sown leeks, cabbage, broccoli, sage, parsley, basil and lettuce into my seed tray.
In addition to the new things I have sown I found a few sad looking seedlings of capsicum, eggplant and a mystery cucurbit, that didn't get planted out when they should have.
Now in reality these will probably amount to nothing, not only because they were left too long as seedlings but are also being planted at the wrong time of year.  However if I was just to throw them away I would never know if they had the possibility of becoming anything so hey why not.

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  1. I tried beetroot brownies and they went down a treat at one of our permaculture meetings. Even my vegaphobic 15year old ate them! Try homemade marshmallows made pink by using beetroot juice, they were a great success too....mmmmm beetroot!


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