Monday, 23 May 2011

Making Small Changes- The first test

So the other day Daffodil over at A Little Piece of Green said she was going to give up bread and butter and alcohol and walk 1 hour every day  for a month in order to loose a few kilos.
And I thought to myself  "hey you could do that too and support Daffodil" not to mention the possibility of loosing a few kilos along the way.
Well the first test came the other night when we had to attend a surprise 60th (venue, the pub) with a dinner.
And what did they serve up with dinner but tasty little dinner rolls with single serves of butter, oh how I love dinner rolls and butter.
But I passed by those tasty morsels and moved on before I could have a second thought. And as for the alcohol well that was easy, volunteer to be the driver.
So far so good 3 days down 27 to go....


  1. Legendary, Fiona! I am now day fouring it, walk done and dusted. Not missing alcohol and the bread has been a no go zone as well. Funnily enough I am feeling less bloated.

    My month will finish on the 25th of June. That will hopefully be my first ride out in public on Cash. EEEEK!

  2. Well done, when you have lost some k's I will send you some of mine for you to get rid of. Loving your blog & now my sister-in-law (Don's side) has started one. hers is you may like to link up with her, she makes beautiful quilts. They live at Fernvale and we will be down housesitting for them from June 3rd.


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