Monday, 12 December 2011

Not Enough Hours in the Day

Lately there has just not been enough hours in the day to get everything done, so something had to give.  That something was blogging.

I would love to say that I was busy with the joys of everything Christmas but sadly that is is not the case.  There has been some Christmas cheer which I will post about later this week, but mainly the busyness has been focused much closer to home.
To keep the story short, and not go into a complete rant, a developer is lodging an application to put a Sand and Gravel Quarry just up the road from our house, and the houses of many other people in our small rural community.  
Needless to say the community are not happy and we have started an action group S.C.R.A.M (Sandy Creek Residents Against Mining) had public meetings where I have been the facilitator, created a website and a facebook page, put up signs, had bumper stickers made and are now in the process of writing to the media, local government, state and federal government and the government and associated departments involved such as Main Roads, SEQ Water and DERM (Department of Environment and Resource Management).

The whole idea that our quiet country lifestyle could soon be shattered by the sound of quarrying 6 days a week from 6am till 6pm, and up to 1 truck and trailer every 3 mins for the next 30 years is to be frank devastating.
There are many reasons that the development should not go ahead including the area being Class A farmland, there are issues with salinity and soil acidity and the site is bordered by a creek and treated water will be pumped into the creek which runs in to the dams holding the Brisbane water supply.
While we understand the need for resources there are areas put aside, with buffer zones to lessen the impact on the surrounding area, under the planning scheme and this is not one of them, so we say go there and leave our community in peace.

On top of this I am involved in a couple of other community groups that also require my attention, there is full time work, full time wife, housework, Christmas parties and preparing to head to NZ for Christmas with my family.
Then there is the garden which is both thriving and failing on my neglect but more about that tomorrow.


  1. Good luck with SCRAM! That sounds awful. You sounds like one busy lady! I hope you have a lovely time in NZ. Make sure you have a break!

  2. I hope the quarry does not get the go ahead...far out, I can imagine how scared you all are at the prospect of all that noise and pollution right in your town...when you have obviously chosen to live in that area for the peace and quiet....good luck to all of the residents in your town....x

  3. Oh you poor thing. I can really empathize - my land and its surrounds are currently being rezoned and I am being faced with the choice of selling up or living surrounded by 6 storey apartment blocks. I feel sick every time I think of it.

    I am sending all my anti quarry thoughts your way,


  4. Not good news at all Fiona. I will read all info you have linked and follow. I have very strong feelings about the amount of development which is happening all around at such a frantic pace (thoughts to Ali too). cheers Wendy

  5. Fiona, this is really quite stressful. Very time consuming and dealing with some of the bodies you mention can be frustrating at best, and that's when the stakes are not even as high as they are here in your situation. It sounds like you have every avenue covered with the lobby process moving forward. Well done with that and Good luck!! Keep us posted. Mel xx

  6. Thanks for your thoughs everyone, no doubt the subject will come up on my blog again.
    Ali I know what is happening down in Brissy and out where you are so I can understand the stress. I just hope that this does not drag on for years.

  7. Thinking of you. Hope it all goes well.


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