Monday, 19 December 2011

Why has it gone all falccid?

I hope someone out there can help because it has me scratching my head.

My Rhubarb is dropping dead and I cannot figure it out.  One day it is all looking healthy and lush putting out new growth and the next day the entire bush has flopped.

 And when I say healthy this is what I mean.
I originally had 3 plants in this raised bed.  And after loosing my rhubarb to rot last year I made sure the bed was raised and had plenty of good soil compost and sand dug through for drainage.

You can see from the below photo that one plant looks fine and the other ...
Well what can I say, it's flaccid!
So I have already had one plant droop and die and it used to sit at this end of the bed, now what ever has happened has moved further along. 
What should I do?  Water more?  Water less?  Dig out the healthy one and move it?

Ideas please everyone.


  1. Gosh no idea! I don't know about watering because they are tubers more resistant to water stress, but could be wrong! Its strange though of it was water I'd assume that the other would be affected too... Sorry, I'm no help!

  2. I've never grown rhubarb, but from what you've written, if one is affected and not the others I would think its a disease or nematode problem, rather than watering, I would dig out the wilted plant and hope the others make it. Most sites say good drainage is important, and you've clearly done everything you can in that respect, so I would reduce watering to a minimum. Good luck! And thanks for your comments on my blog :) I should get sourdough starter when I finally do the workshop, but if not, I'll be in touch!


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