Wednesday, 15 January 2014

New Years Eve At The Woodford Folk Festival

As our time at the festival was coming to an end we were running on our energy reserves.  So we decided that we would take it a bit easy and not try to rush from venue to venue filling the day with one thing after another.
The weather was cooler and it was a bit overcast so it was quite nice to just wander through the festival.

We had been trying to get to one of the circus events all festival and finally we got to see one.  It was one of those performances where you find your self holding your breath.

Then we took some time out chilling in the Chai Tent.  It was a great place to just sit and people watch while enjoying a few hot beverages.

Then it was off the sit in the orchard for Tim Finn.  We got there early but everyone else wanted to see him too.  It was fantastic.

Then it was off to have an early drink to celebrate new years eve.  The staff at the bar we went to were also getting in the mood.

For a bit of a change of pace we decided to join in with a game show "Festival of Fortune" which was supported by the musical stylings of Barry Morgan on the organ.  Basically there are 10 teams competing in a variety of challenges and these teams do not have to be made up of people who know each other, in fact the point is to meet new people.  So you have to be early to get on a team and basically you sit your self down at a table where as a team you work out a team name (we were Pigs in Space) and a team chant and then the games begin.

It was so much fun and we spent the entire hour and a half laughing till we could hardly breathe.
We made fashion out of rubbish bags, wrote bush poetry full of cliche's and had men from our team dressed in leotards dancing on stage.

It was the fantastic start to a great night and for the first time in a couple of years we saw in the New Year.
We have lots planned for this year and it felt great to be kicking things of in such a great place.

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