Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Unusual Nesting Animals

With all the hot weather lately we have discovered some new nesting spots where animals are keeping cool.
This is in our shade house under the birds nest ferns so it is nice and cool, the ground stays damp and there is plenty of overhead shade.

Can you guess who owns these nests?

Yep this is a Jessie nest.  And she was none too pleased to be woken up for a photo.

Jessie has made two little cool nesting spots and she can often be found asleep there during the day.

How are your animals coping with the heat?


  1. Ooo she doesn't look happy does she? Poor possums, they have all been suffering. Our two just like frog-like on the concrete cooling their bellies.

  2. Cute! Our dogs have their nests in the dirt under the verandah too. They get nice and dirty down there, doggy heaven!


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