Monday, 20 January 2014

Beef Stock

We are still working our way through the first cow we had killed way back in December 2012.  It takes a long time to eat a whole cow even when it is not a very big one.  We have also shared the meat out with family and friends
Most of the bones we had cut up as dog bones but some I kept for stock.

Over the weekend I used up the last of the bones to make beef stock.
I like to make my stock after roasting the bones in the oven first until they are very dark.  Only then to I put them in a stockpot with carrots, onions, celery and herbs.
I usually have my stock on the stove top for the entire day so that I can get a nice concentrated batch.
This time I ended up with 5 litres which I packed in to takeaway containers and froze.  It joins the chicken stock in the freezer and will last us quite a while as we do not use beef stock that often.

How do you use beef stock?


  1. It takes us all year to eat one beast! I use stock in everything, it adds so much flavour. Curry, casserole, roast, stir fry, soup.....

  2. I hear that beef stock is used in French Onion soup, maybe you could give that a try next time it is a soup weather day.

  3. We are expecting to share half a beast with hubby's parent's soon. Our steer raised on their farm (more water there). Don't now how we will fit it in the freezer! I can imagine eating a whole animal would be quite a chore!!

  4. I can only think of soup -- and that's too much thinkin in this heat! cheers Wendy


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