Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Chicken Doctoring Update

Back in December we had a bit of a run where we were playing chicken doctors and I thought I would bring you up to date with how things are now 3 months down the track.

You may remember this post about one of our new additions to the flock who had chicken pox and was in a bit of a state.  She has since been named Squawky because of all the noise she makes when she sees you.  It is so funny how every chicken has its own personality.

This was Squarwky with full blown chicken pox.

This is Squawky now chicken pox free and quite a character.

The next photo is pretty shocking and you can read the full story here

But after some tender loving care, some time wearing a fancy outfit and going though her seasonal moult Miss Fancy has grown a new set of feathers and you would never know she had ever been in the state she was in the above photo.

Chickens are tough little things but there are few things that make caring for them when they are injured or sick a bit easier and I will post about that tomorrow.

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