Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Herman The German Has Come To Stay

Over the weekend we caught up with some friends for lunch and when we left my friend gave me some German Friendship Cake Starter also know as a Herman Cake.

Herman the German Friendship Cake is a sourdough cake starter that has been passed for person to person and works in a similar way to a chain letter in the fact that you pass it on to others.  You can read all about it Wikipedia or on this website.  Herman even has his own facebook page.

Herman in his bowl
So I brought Herman home and since he had been stored in my friends fridge (some of the instructions say not to, but then on another page of the same website it says you can) I poured him into a bowl and covered him with a tea towel secured over the bowl with a rubber band.
Because my friend only gave me a small portion I only fed it a 1/4 of what was recommended, I also fed it on the first day to get it going and then I will start counting the 10 day cycle from there (I am sure it will be fine in our warm climate to do this).
So in just over a week from now I will be doing my first bake.  I will also be on the look out for some friends who might a portion of Herman.

Have you ever made a sourdough friendship cake or been involved with passing Herman on?


  1. Love your blog, found you through sue who lives down the road
    Greetings from north wales

    1. Well if you look at my side tab Mr Gray then you would have found her a lot earlier. LOL

      Fi, you need to follow John, he will split your sides most days.

    2. Hi John Thanks and welcome, I will pop over to yours and have a look around when I have a few spare minutes/hours (you know what happens when you come across a now blog).
      Lynda I will take you up on your reccomendation.

  2. Your Herman us looking good! I keep mine in the ftidge between cakes as I only use it every couple of months. I just get it out and feed it before I need it-like a sour dough bread starter.

  3. I have mine in the freezer. I just defrost, feed it and within days its bubbling away.

    I did a post in Apr 13 (under cooking tab) I used apples and cinnamon and it came our spectacular.

    Enjoy your Herman.

  4. I posted about mine on my blog too. Love Herman! :). Cooked mine with apples too - yum! Enjoys :)


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