Monday, 1 September 2014

The Weekend Kitchen - Marmalade and Sausage Rolls

We had the most glorious weather over the weekend so most of my time was spent out doors.
Hubby had to work on Saturday but when he came home he brought with him a box full of oranges and a bag of avocados that the client had given him.  The client also gave him a bag of oranges last week too so we have been juicing them and enjoying them fresh every day.  I am not sure what kind of orange they are but they are really juicy and sweet but also a bit tart which is just how I like oranges.

I have started making a dent in the box of oranges

So I decided it was time to make an Orange and Almond Cake and some marmalade for my father in law for fathers day.

Gluten Free Orange and Almond Cake

Orange Marmalade (I am waiting on a verdict from my father in law)

Then I made some beef sausage rolls which made for an easy dinner with salad and will give Hubby something different to have in his lunch box this coming week.

I will post the recipes over the next few days in case you too are lucky enough to have a glut of oranges or want to try making your own sausage rolls.
What did you get up to in the kitchen over the weekend?


  1. Exactly my cooking plans for today! I'll be making lemon and orange marmalade and using some of the scrap lamb from the weekends butchering to make sausage mince for sausage rolls.... Great minds ;)

  2. How wonderful it is to get all that lovely produce as a gift....the sausage rolls look great too. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  3. I made homemade sausage rolls last weekend but this weekend was lasagna using my go too frozen meat sauce. Lots of lovely fresh lettuce from the garden completed the meal. I love marmalade but dont have a tree so i might venture to the markets to see what's on special. Looking forward to the recipe.


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