Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Hooray - Have you heard the News - A Halt to live exports (2nd post today)

Prime Minister Julia Gillard halts live cattle exports to Indonesia

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At this stage the ban is only in place for 10 days and since Indonesia accounts for 60% of our live cattle exports an outright ban is not likely to be the long term solution.
So we as the general public need to make sure the issue is not just swept under the rug.  Yes we need to support our farmers, but we do not need to support animal cruelty. 
As intelligent human beings we need to use our brains to come up with a long term solution that supports everyone in their desired outcomes without suffering to animals.

And for anyone who does not know what this is all about I would suggest that you go pack a strong stomach and got to the website and watch the News Story that Four Corners aired.

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