Thursday, 9 June 2011

The End Has Come

There comes a time when some things just come to the end of their life.  They have served their purpose and been enjoyed, but at some stage you must make to call that the end has come.

And such is the case for Jessie's Blankie.

This old woolen picnic rung in its tartan glory has been Jessie's since she came home on the first night as a 5 week old pup.  It has served as a cushion, blanket, toy, wrestling mate and most recently an outfit (ever seen a puppy in a kilt?)
There was a better shot of her in her kilt style glory
but of course I was not quick enough with the camera
So what gave it away that the time had come?  Well if you follow the breadcrumbs (blanket crumbs)...

Who Me?

The last few hours of blanket wrestling

"Perhaps if I hide it over here..."
Sorry Jessie but what you don't know is that bits of Blankie have been finding their was into the compost bin over the last few days and the rest is destined to follow.  However based on what I have seen I think I will be finding bits of Blankie around the yard for a while to come.
So now I am on an Op Shop quest to find a new Blankie for Jessie, how sad that I will have to visit a whole lot of Op Shops : )


  1. That is truly sad you will need to go op-shopping. The lengths you will go to for your beloved Jessie are amazing. (Have a fabulous time!)

  2. Jessie always wanted a blue tartan rug, she just didn´t have the heart to tell you. Such a sweet thoughtful puppy!

    Happy Op-Shopping!

  3. Thankyou for this beautiful post. The photos are so terrific of Jessie and you made me smile thinking about "blanket crumbs"!

  4. What a cheeky thing! She looks so happy frolicking out in the garden with her blanky bits!

    I too have blanket crumbs in the garden! Pooper scooping is so much easier because Ollie eats his blanket too, and a fluro pink blanket at that!


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