Friday, 24 June 2011

On My Mind is Preparing for a Holiday

In a few days time we will be heading to NZ to catch up with family and friends and meet some new additions to the family.
But before we go we have a lot to do.
We have house sitters coming to look after the cat the dog and the chickens and I need to prepare instructions for the "How To" of things around the house.
It is not something that you think about living in your own home with your own things, but visitors need to know how things work and the routines that your household has.
Last time we went away my in-laws house sat for us and we came home to discover they had had trouble working out the TV and remotes etc so that is another thing to add to the "How To" list this time.

Well the time is ticking away and there is still lots to do, so rather than sit here there is work to be done and it is that work that is on my mind.


  1. All those last minute things are so time consuming aren't they? Lol about the TV remote/s we always have the same problem and now have a K I S S document printout. Just have to remember to update it if anything changes. I'm sure you'll have a great time!

  2. Ahh yes, preparing the House User Manual. It is funny how easily we operate our own houses without thinking how complicated it may be for everyone else.

    We had a house sitter once while we were away and our remote user manual for the TV/DVD/Stereo/cable was 5 pages long. We got back to find those 5 pieces of paper laid out carefully on the coffee table with their respective numbered remotes sitting on top. She mastered the entertainment system, and almost lost her mind trying to understand our induction cooktop and zoned heating/cooling and front loader washing machine.

    She was very glad when we returned.

    Have a wonderful holiday!!!!

  3. Have a wonderful trip! Meeting to "littles" is always a wonderful experience.

  4. Hope you have a great time and manage to stay warm. : )


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