Friday, 3 June 2011

Things that go bump in the night

We live in a old house in the country and the reality is that it is not really secure to the small critters that inhabit the area.
There seems to be constant parade of frogs in the bathroom and laundry as well as the odd one in the kitchen and living areas.  This is much more prevalent during summer when all the windows are open day and night but even during winter they find their way in.

The other night I came across this lovely Emerald Spotted Tree Frog bouncing about in the bathroom.  Sadly because of the poor light and my poor photographic skills you cannot see his lovely emerald spots, but look him up online for a better look.
He gave me quite a fright.  He blended in with the wall and as I walked to the basin he jumped out at me.  Nothing like random wildlife hurling themselves at you in the wee hours of the morning to give the heart a bit of a jolt.
I really love that we can get up close and personal with some of the native animals that live in our area, although because we are surrounded by open paddocks we do not see Marsupials on our land (yet), but we see lots of birds, frogs, lizards, and the occasional snake ewwww. (Sorry snakes)
We plan on re vegetating the land so perhaps one day the Marsupials will come and visit.

What native animals do you have visit at your place?


  1. At least he wasn't in your loo!

  2. Oh i'm jealous. We made a pond late last year and I so want to attract frogs. Not in the bathroom though! Haven't seen any yet. Although we do have a feral cat who sits about watching for mice in our compost.

  3. Also, just noticed the sow, give, grow badge here and checked it out for the first time. What a wonderful idea. I'm gonna give that a go.


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