Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Preserving on a Small Scale

Well I have to admit that I love to preserve food.  The trouble is that there is just Hubby and I so we really do not need large amounts of any one preserve.  I mean making 12 jars of strawberry jam when you use less than one jar of jam every 2 months means that you are stuck with just one type of jam for 2 years.
No thanks.
This is a conclusion that I have only come to appreciate in the last year so there are a few things (Tomato Relish and Strawberry Jam) that I will not be making again in the foreseeable future while we give away/work our way through our stockpile.
There are so many wonderful foods that can be preserved in a number of fashions Relishes, Pickles, Jams,Chutneys and as whole fruits just to name a few.  The whole idea of preserving food is so you do not waste the glut of a crop that occurs when it is in full season and so you have that food at hand all year round in one form or another.
Currently in my pantry I have the above mentioned Tomato Relish and Strawberry Jam as well as one last jar of Cherry Chutney, some Pears and a big box of empty jars I plan to fill with yummy preserves.

First off the mark are some Preserved Lemons.  This is something I have wanted to try for ages and having made a few jars I cannot believe how the store brought ones can be so expensive.  Now as mine are still maturing perhaps the proof will be in the eating but some how I doubt it.
3 jars of Preserved Lemon

In addition I have made Stewed Apple with some Granny Smiths I picked up cheaply at the markets.
I love a bit of stewed fruit with my cereal and I like to leave the apple a bit chunky so that if you need to whip up a quick desert you can just add some frozen berries and a crumble topping, a few minutes in the oven and hey presto yummy desert.


  1. We are the same here. Although we are not even sugar eaters so the fruit preserving falls by the wayside. We sere given some home made apricot jam for christmas last year and the giver was warned about our no sugar lifestyle, we were given a tiny jar that was lovely, but it still too us over one month to consume it.

  2. I hear what you're saying too. Preserved lemons is a great idea for a glut. I tried making some jams early on when we started producing citrus. Way too much sugar put me off making again. I'm always stewing apples and or pears, without sugar too!


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