Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Op Shop Finds

Now like a lot of people I love a good forage around in an Op Shop.  There is something exciting about it.  It is not like going to a retail store selling new items where you pretty much know what you are going to find.

No, Op Shopping is like a treasure hunt and sometimes like a sport where rules apply and more than one person is after the prize and it is best done on a regular basis.
There are a number of qualities that make a good op shopper. 
You have to be patient and take your time to dig through, sort through and look high and low because little gems can be hidden between under and behind other items somewhat less appealing.
You have to know what is a bargain and what is not.
You have to be a good sport.  If someone else picks it up first it is theirs, but if they put it back on the rack/shelf it is any ones.  All savvy op shoppers know that if you want to think about it, keep it with your while you keep looking.
And finally, you have to know when to say no, this is by far the hardest of all.

Yesterday was our second wedding anniversary (cotton) and over the weekend we went out for lunch and while out I found some great little goodies.
The first 2 items were my husbands wedding anniversary present to me and very fitting.  They are something I have been keeping an eye out for over the past few months and thinking surely some will turn up in an op shop soon as I really didn't want to pay full price.
And there they were.  2 white cotton Valances, one for a queen bed and one for a double bed.  Both in perfect condition and made by Sheridan.  Total cost $9.95, thank you very much.  I haven' included a picture of these as they just look like a crumpled sheet at the moment.

My next little find was this Tupperware container used for beetroot, olives or pickled onions etc. I already have one of these but for $4 I will definitely have another.

Then I came across some Fowlers preserving jars 6 size 27 jars, 5 lids and 7 clips for $14.50. Bargin.

Then I found this lovely platter for just a cople of dollars, it has crazing but no cracks or chips and is very pretty and a good size at slightly larger than a dinner plate but not heavy.

And finally some old coffee jars in a rage of sizes for $1.80 for the 4.

Well I was pretty with all of my finds and I love the thought that not only did I not have to pay full price but I also get to give a new life to someone elses old things.

Have you found any bargins lately?


  1. Some great finds there. You can strike it lucky sometimes as I did last week.

    The plate is very pretty.

  2. Oh Fiona! BARGAINS!!!! That is a beautiful platter and that Fowlers jars are always a brilliant find and useful find.

    You are preaching to the converted here. I LOVE op shops. It is almost one of my favourite past times. I have to take poor Rubin to the vet today (sporting injury) but after that the two puppies and I are hitting a couple of my favourite op shops. The puppies get to sleep in the car knowing that I am not far away and I get to browse and may find a little treasure, or not. The thrill is in the search.


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